Emily Nash

Elkhart, ID USA

About Nash

  • Artistic Expert
  • March 2015 Nails Magazine Mural Contest Winner
  • August 2015 Nails Magazine Mini Master piece Notable Entry
  • Nails Next Top Nail Artist Top 18 finalist Current Trends
  • Competition Nails

Emily has been working in the nail industry for 4 years now. Starting off doing hair, she found a love and passion for nails after starting at a local nail salon in her home town. With an eye for small and intricate details and bold colors, she never lets a client leave without her personal touch. Emily loves to learn and practice new techniques to always be up to date with the latest trends and hopes to bring her knowledge and passion to the industry.

Becoming an Artistic Educator gives Emily the opportunity to share her knowledge with others.

Emily Nash
Emily Nash
  • Emily Nash