Jennifer (Jennie) Sukovaty

Columbus, NE USA

About (Jennie) Sukovaty

  • Nail Technician

After enrolling at Capital School of Nails in 2001, it was there that Jennie discovered this was the path that she had been looking for. Jennie's first job as a nail technician was at a busy local full service salon, where one by one, she had been adding new clientele by referral until her book was full of appointments. Jennie fell in love with the wonderful world of color and glitter acrylics. This was something that was far ahead of the times in the town of Columbus, NE. This is what inspired her to constantly read Nails magazine and Nailpro, front to back, keep active on nail forums and always researching new and upcoming products.

In 2010, she move to a larger town and worked 3 years at a popular salon and spa. That's when Jennie decided she missed her hometown, friends and family. Upon returning to Columbus with her husband, she was offered the opportunity to booth rent in a new full service salon.

 I am always searching for classes and events for motivation and new ideas to share with my clients. It has been my dream to pursue traveling as well as sharing my knowledge and experience with others. "After nearly 13 years as a nail technician, I am finally ready to take this leap." Jennie said.

Being an educator for Artistic allows her to teach others everything she learns.

Jennifer (Jennie) Sukovaty
Jennifer (Jennie) Sukovaty
  • Jennifer (Jennie) Sukovaty