Melissa Peters

Chico CA

About Melissa

  • Artistic Instructor
  • Nail Technician
  • Chico CA - USA

Melissa is a working nail artist in Chico, CA specializing in sculptured enhancements and soak off gel manicures. Her desire to perfect her craft led her to enter the competition arena, where she distinguished herself as a Top Gun competitor and competition Judge for Nailpro. With the ability to create and evaluate a precision nail, she has been able to provide her clientele with top notch enhancements, which provides her with a full book. She believes that in an industry that is ever changing, whether it is products or fashion, that education is imperative. Melissa hopes to inspire other nail artists with cutting edge products and techniques.

Melissa has been a California licensed Nail Tech for 18 years. Through several competitions, Melissa has placed in a high ranking through the competitions she has entered. Some examples include: 1st place Salon Success and 1st place Back Fill both in Sacramento, 3rd place Veteran Salon Success in Santa Clara, and many more achievements.

"If you have a passion for what you do there will be no limit to what you can achieve"

  • Melissa