Wende Thummel

Midland, TX USA

About Thummel

  • Artistic Principle Educator
  • Licensed Nail Technician
  • Licensed Cosmetology Instructor
  • Former Nail Competition Judge

Wende Thummel is a veteran in regards to education. Wende has been a licensed nail technician and nail educator for over 25 years. She has had the distinction of having instructed worldwide in over 13 countries including Russia, Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Serbia, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, and the U.K, (just to name a few). She has participated in judging numerous competitions and has trained many educators as well as, being intimately involved in photo shoots for various and sundry nail advertisements around the globe. On top of that, she is no stranger to product development as well.

In addition to acquiring the accolades of her peers, Wende continues to strive for excellence; Wende has worked with some of the leaders in the industry before joining the Artistic Nail Design Team.

When Wende isn't teaching, you will find her with her family and friends at the lake where they say "everything is better", that is, when she can get away from the salon.

Wende resides in the Texas, USA.

Wende Thummel
Wende Thummel
  • Wende Thummel