Wedding 12pc
Mixed Display

Item # 2100179


This display beautifully showcases the gorgeous selection of colours developed for the season. This mixed display includes 4 seasonal Colour Gloss shades with 4 matching Colour Revolution.

Say hello to new beginnings and gear up for a new outlook on traditional wedding nails. Dive into the world of steampunk with Artistic Nail Design. The essence of Steampunk comes from expressing individuality and creativity through gadgets, attitude and style. Set yourself apart from the crowd and go against convention in this sci-fi fantasy.

Transcend time and convention with the retro futuristic and romantic elements of steampunk.

Artistic Nail Design will have you falling in love with A Steampunk Affair, the latest wedding collection that will have you gearing up to say "I do." Time stands still with our range of rich crème and metallic shades. As you walk down the aisle everyone will be saying, "Oh My Gog-gels," a dusty, navy blue crème, or be a complete vision in "Mother of Invention," a deep rose shimmer. You will be "Getting Steamy", a golden bronze metallic, as you prepare for a lifetime of wedded bliss.

Wedding 12pc<br> Mixed Display
Wedding 12pc
Mixed Display

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